Our after-school classes and summer camps teach students about topics like 3D printing, computer programming, design, filmmaking, robotics, drones, and more, while also promoting mindfulness, the responsible use of technology, and sustainability.


Prepare for the future, have fun along the way

iCAMP is a STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art/Design Mathematics) program that focuses on transforming students from consumers to creators. We leverage project-based learning to ensure students have fun and remain thoroughly engaged, while completing tasks and activities designed to build proficiency in the technologies that are posed to transform society.

Our Themes

These themes were carefully chosen to create a balanced and enriching experience that appeals to and engages all campers.


We believe that in the future every company will be a technology company. Therefore, regardless of the industry that our campers decide to join, technical skills will be crucial for success. At iCamp campers will learn about: Computer Programming (Coding), Robotics, Drones, 3D Modeling and Printing, Augmented/Virtual Reality, and more.

Art and Design

As software and machines take more and more of the jobs that were once reserved for humans, art and design skills will remain one of the hallmarks that set humans apart. Campers will learn about both traditional art/design techniques, as well as, modern and digital methods. Topics include graphic design, animation, filmmaking, music production, and more.


There is great value in being able to make something with your own two hands. This is a practical skill that will not only be valuable in ones personal life, but it also opens up a world of opportunity for entrepreneurs. Our campers will be able to dream up, design and build their own physical prototypes.

Nature, Farming, and Sustainability

We foster and develop an appreciation for nature in our campers. With the ubiquity of technology-related entertainment, it is imperative that children also spend time outdoors. That is why we incorporate nature-themed activities daily. Along these lines, campers will learn about the intersection of farming with technology, as well as, clean energy and the tech that fuels it.

Mindfulness and Wellness

One of the keys to success is to live a healthy lifestyle. Mental and physical wellbeing are essential for innovators. That is why we devote a portion of every day to wellness and mindfulness activities (e.g. yoga or meditation) and spend at least half of every day outside. Given the nature of childhood today, remaining mindful is not as natural as it once was. That is why we give campers techniques to stay in the moment. We help lay the foundation for our campers to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Creativity and Collaboration

Innovators need more than just technical skills. To create new and novel solutions to problems, future innovators need to be able to look at the world differently. Additionally, they need to be able to effectively work together with others. Along with teaching campers about creativity, we will develop their soft-skills (e.g. communication, empathy and coaching).

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