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About Us

Creating Innovators

At iCamp our mission is to give our campers the tools they need to become life-long learners, problem solvers and innovators


Preparing for the Future


Technology develops at an exponential rate.  And kids have the ability to keep up with this development, as long as they are given the opportunity.  We want to give each child this opportunity.


We believe that in the future every company will be a technology company.  Regardless of the industry that our campers decide to join, technical skills will be crucial for success.  Especially, if they plan to disrupt that industry with innovative technology that they have dreamt up themselves.


At iCamp, campers will be exposed to the technology poised to disrupt society over the next decade.  But more importantly, they will be encouraged to think about the ethical and responsible applications of these technologies.


Campers will learn what it means to be an innovator and entrepreneur.  Then they will be given the tools necessary to execute their vision.






iCAMP was co-founded by year-round residents of Southampton, NY, Lulu and Brendan Manley, in the summer of 2018. The couple was looking for a meaningful way to contribute to their community when they came up with the idea. They have two young kids who they are raising in Southampton, which makes this project very personal for them. Their goal is to create a STEAM learning center that will benefit both full-time and part-time Hamptons children alike. With the help of their amazing team, Lulu and Brendan have put together a lab and program that both parents and children find fascinating.  This program provides campers fun and exciting ways to develop the skills they will need for their future.



iCAMP was co-founded by a Science and Technology veteran, Vivian Zhang, in the summer of 2018. She is the founder and CTO of a highly reputable data science program – NYC Data Science Academy. She has two young kids, Olivia and Kris, who love gadgets and STEM theme toys. To create the best next-generation STEM education has been a call for her. Vivian’s goal is to create a STEAM learning program easily accessible both in-person and online, in U.S.A and in China. Moreover, afterschool program and weekend programs provide young scholars, like her kids, with the resources to develop skills and curiosity toward the future emerging world.

Our Educators

Meet the people whose dedication makes this all possible

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Hope is a Technology Integration Teacher for two STEM schools in Norwich, CT. She has over eleven years of experience as a classroom teacher. In addition to a Master’s Degrees in Elementary Education and Higher Education Administration, Hope also has a Computer Programming Certificate. She is passionate about STEAM and loves finding new ways to use technology in her classroom.

Hope Mulholland
Curriculum Director
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Dr. Wilson holds a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, an MS in Computer Science from Virginia Tech, and a Ph. D. in Learning, Design and Technology from The University of Georgia. Dr. Wilson builds learning environments that promote interdisciplinary collaboration, challenge-based learning, entrepreneurship, and design thinking. His mission is to empower people to develop solutions that positively impact the world.

Dr. Gregory Wilson
Curriculum Architect
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Logan is a NYC Mathematics Teacher with a BS in Mathematics and a MST in Adolescent Education. He has been working with children for over a decade which has allowed him to explore many different learning styles. Through mathematics, he explores his passions of science, engineering, and biology using methods that inspire creativity and critical thinking. As an educator his goal is to cultivate curiosity in children and then provide them with the tools to explore.

Logan Tupper
Summer Camp Director

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